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An eccentric shaft rotated by a gear and pinion produces the oscillating movement of the main shaft. The eccentricity causes the cone head to oscillate between the open side setting (o.s.s.) and closed side setting (c.s.s.). In addition to c.s.s., eccentricity is one of the major factors that determine the capacity of gyratory and cone crushers

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Crusher Vision is an automated closed side setting system for gyratory crushers that measures the gap between the concave and mantle. Crusher Vision has developed

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The widest distance is known as the open side setting (OSS) and the narrowest, the closed side setting (CSS). These settings are important. The OSS is the largest distance between the concave and the mantle at the bottom of the crusher, so it determines the largest particle size of the outgoing product.

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Open Setting Jaw Crusher Crusher Close Side Settings. Open side setting oss the open side setting is measured when the crusher is at rest. the setting is measured either top to top, or bottom to top, depending on the tooth profile of the jaw dies. closed side setting css the closed side setting can be calculated by deducting the stroke from the oss.

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2017-1-1  The cone tilt angle of 1.06° gives an open side setting (OSS) for the crusher of 58 mm, and a closed side setting (CSS) of 11 mm. The CSS controls the compression and breakage of the particles, whilst the OSS controls the rate of vertical flow of material through the crusher.

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2016-1-17  The reduction ratio is driven by the Crusher Close Side Setting. The actual minimum safe closed side setting of a crusher will vary somewhat, for any given crushing machine, depending upon the character of the material, the amount of fines in the feed, and whether the crusher

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2016-2-18  crusher Whenever a jaw crusher is off and at rest (stopped), it will remain in the open position at its open-side setting (OSS). However, the adjustment of your crusher is performed at its closed-side setting (CSS). OSS is measured while the crusher is stopped. CSS is calculated by deducting a certain amount (the average stroke) from the OSS.

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2020-6-3  A cone crusher has two sides: an open side and a closed side. As the material crushes, the particles that are small enough to fit through the open side fall through the space between the mantle and the concave. These settings are known as the OSS (open side setting) and CSS (closed side setting.) The opening on the open side determines the

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2021-5-11  Difference between Closed Side Setting and Open Side Setting. Measuring the Closed Side Setting (CSS) or Open Side Setting (OSS) is usually confusing as

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2020-2-11  An example regarding the effect that crusher setting has on the product gradation is as follows, if the target crusher setting is 3/8 in. (10mm) yet the setting is not checked and it wears open to 1/2 in. (13mm), then the end result is a 15 percent decrease in the minus 3/8-in. (10mm) material size.